Convening under the theme “Where Action Meets Ambition,” the 2021 edition of the Vienna Energy Forum (VEF 2021) aimed to spur action on 2030 and 2050 climate and energy goals by bringing together government representatives, stakeholders, and experts to discuss key topics that advance sustainable development in the energy domain and contribute to global climate action.
The Vienna Energy Forum (VEF) gathers leaders from governments, civil society, international organizations and the private sector, in an aim to push the development of inclusive and sustainable solutions across the globe.

Guided by the theme “Accelerating the Energy Transition,” the 2021 edition of the Series explores the pathways that stimulate demand and promote economic recovery in three end-use sectors:

Food Systems



Join us as we accelerate the energy transition towards a better future!

Youth, Gender and Equity

Call to Action

We call on organizations, governments, private sector, academia and civil society to #StandTall for Youth and Gender Empowerment in the Energy Space.
Will you join us?

Youth Consultation: VEF 2021

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The Vienna Energy Forum 2021 will feature its first-ever Youth Day hosted in partnership with the SDG7 Youth Constituency!

The Vienna Energy Forum 2021 will feature its first-ever Youth Day hosted in partnership with the SDG7 Youth Constituency! We want you to take the lead and help us design this important event.

Youth for VEF Challenge


Take a look at the winners of the Youth for VEF Challenge: a creative contest for Gen-Z across the world to present their take on how to achieve affordable and clean energy (SDG 7) by 2030.

Past Forums

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