Fervor for sustainable and accessible energy underpins the Special Session of the 2018 Vienna Energy Forum.

As a leading global and multi-stakeholder forum mandated with exploring and providing a platform for debate on 21st century developmental challenges from the perspective of sustainable energy, this year's special session will pivot around SDG #7: Affordable and Clean Energy.

From May 14th to May 16th, the Vienna Energy Forum (VEF) will gather leaders from governments, civil society, international organizations and the private sector, in an aim to push the energy-development agenda forward. The vast array of participants will  debate key issues and opportunities surrounding sustainable energy for development, reflect on how to strengthen and advance SDG #7 and its nexus with other development goals, and provide action-oriented objectives across sectors.

Please Note: Attendance to this Special Session of the Vienna Energy Forum is by invitation only. 

Why SDG 7?

By underscoring SDG 7’s role in inclusive global development, the forum will address 3 key starting points to advance inclusive and sustainable industrial development: Energy System TransformationClimate Technology and Innovationand Partnerships.

Moreover, the special session aims to contribute to the review of SDG #7 the High Level Political Forum in New York in July 2018, and more broadly, to uphold the latter’s pursuit of a Transformation toward Sustainable and Resilient Societies.


Our Story

VEF claims a young but fruitful legacy.

Since its founding in 2008 by a joint initiative of the Austrian Government, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, VEF has assembled thinkers and practitioners from all over the world to discuss practical solutions to sustainable development challenges and pave the way for tangible partnerships on the ground.

The past 5 forums focused on a range of topics related to the question of energy and development. The biennial meetings have not only provided major contributions to the design of the SEforALL goals, but also have fostered the development of the city of Vienna as a Global Energy Hub.