Friday, 12 May, 2017 - 13:15 to 13:45
Hofburg (Rittersaal)
Launches and Spotlights

Limiting climate change to well below 2°C will require unprecedented aggressive decarbonisation of global electricity generation and deployment of demand-side low-carbon energy technologies in the coming decades. But how much do we know about other environmental impacts of these technologies? Will they bring co-benefits or will they cause other unintended environmental or social problems? By how much can the gains from energy efficient technologies be multiplied if combined with decarbonisation of electricity production?

During this launch event, the International Resource Panel will present its new report “Green Technology Choices: The Benefits, Risks and Trade-Offs of Energy Efficient Technologies”, which sheds light on the impacts of a large-scale transformation in energy production and use options, not only on greenhouse gas emissions but also on other environment aspects, human health and natural resource use.

UN Environment/International Resource Panel
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