Gender & Energy Compact

Catalyzing Action towards Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment to accelerate a Just, Inclusive and Sustainable Energy Transition

A coalition to catalyze action towards gender equality and women’s empowerment to accelerate a just, inclusive and sustainable energy transition — co-organized by ENERGIA, GWNET, UNIDO, UN Women and their partners, and co-hosted by the governments of Ecuador, Iceland, Kenya, Nepal and Sweden – has been formed to develop an Energy Compact. Kenya and Iceland are both Global Champions for the High-level Dialogue on Energy.

The Gender Energy Compact and its guiding principles are being developed through a collaborative process. Stakeholders are invited to sign up to the coalition, which will be officially launched during the UN High-level Dialogue in September 2021. All signatories to the Gender Energy Compact will be invited to submit their own individual Energy Compacts to capture their organization’s specific commitments between now and 2030 to move towards gender equality and women’s empowerment, as well as support the achievement of SDG7 and SDG5.

Gender equality is a human right. It is also smart economics and the right thing to do. As noted by the High-level Dialogue Ministerial Thematic Forum Theme Report on “Energy Access” and “Enabling SDGs through Inclusive, Just Energy Transitions,’ accelerating the integration of gender-transformative approaches into all energy access and transition pathways is required to close gender gaps and women’s empowerment.

The Energy Compact builds upon discussions during the Vienna Energy Forum’s VEF Virtual Series in January 2021, when a Call to Action to Empower Women and Youth to Accelerate the Clean Energy Transition was launched. It called upon organizations, governments, private sector, academia, civil society and media to take urgent action to deliver energy access, build adequate skills and develop a conducive environment that supports progress and avenues to fully utilize the potential of women to contribute to just, inclusive and energy transition — as leaders, employees, entrepreneurs and consumers.

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