Gender equality means creating equal opportunities for women and men by allowing them to contribute to an even footing economically, politically, socially and culturally. Gender equality is a goal in its own right, but it also forms an integral part of inclusive and sustainable development and is vital to the achievement of the SDGs as well as to the effectiveness and sustainability of interventions.

This year the gender dimensions will be present throughout the planning, execution and follow-up phases of the forum. This implies consistent integration of gender perspectives in each panel and the event programme, strong focus on gender balance of speakers and participants, as well as reflecting gender perspectives in advocacy and communication efforts. At the same time, specific events are planned focusing on gender dimensions as a contribution to the international discussion surrounding the mutually reinforcing goals of sustainable energy and empowering women.

VEF 2017 will feature 5 events promoting gender equality:

Networking Event: Women for Sustainable Energy (11 May) 

Networking Event: Women for Sustainable Energy (12 May) 

Strengthening the Empirical Evidence: Gender Inclusive Policies Enabling Progress Towards the SDGs 

Promoting Women to Advance the Global Energy Transition 

Launch of Global Women's Network for the Energy Transition (GWNET)