Youth Advisory Group

Building on the experiences and results of the very first Youth for VEF of the Vienna Energy Forum, we launched a Youth Advisory Group (YAG) to create a Guidebook that compiles best practices and reflects on successful youth engagement. The Guidebook aims at encouraging organizations to do their part in meaningfully engaging with youth in the context of energy, climate change and industrial development.

“The Guidebook gives young women and men the agency to shape the discourse, policies and their future as informed and committed citizens.”
– Anna Stańczyk, Partnerships Associate/Youth Engagement, UNIDO

The Youth Advisory Group was created through an open call for volunteers among UNIDO youth partners and UNIDO interns. The final composition aimed to reflect diversity of backgrounds, gender and ensure regional distribution.

The YAG Members

These young women and men are spearheading the development of the Guidebook for Meaningful Youth Engagement in inclusive and sustainable industrial development. They offer their time, expertise, skills and efforts to ensure that this document reflects the diversity of youth perspectives, records best practices and lessons learned.

Adam Nabie

United States of America

Emilie Schretlen


Julia Somogyi